Cobranding with JazzHR

Branding your careers page is an important step to take when implementing JazzHR; a branded careers page brings more qualified traffic to your company website and allows you to attract and retain great candidates. Clear branding takes on extra importance when you are aiming to represent multiple companies under one JazzHR account, and there are several different options for achieving a clear cobranded page.


Cobranding on the JazzHR Hosted Page

If you're using the JazzHR Hosted Page, there are 2 ways to draw attention to the multiple companies existing within your account.  You'll want to be sure to upload a file that has all of your multiple logos combined.  You'll also want to provide a quick summary of each brand within the Job Board messaging section of the editing page.


Configuring your Job Board

You also have the ability to configure your job board to sort by department.  Configuring your job board will help to make the branding for each company as clear as possible. Sorting by department is the most effective way to indicate which job postings are associated with each brand.  In the job creation/editing screen, you'll be able to enter the different brand names in the Department field.


Cobranding on the JazzHR Jobs Widget

If you're using the JazzHR Jobs Widget on your existing careers page, you may want to use the Advanced Widget.  The Advanced Widget offers more functionality than the Basic Widget, including the ability to search by department or location.  These search functionalities can be helpful in allowing candidates to find the particular brand to which they want to apply.


Building a Custom Job Board

If you want a little more control over the look and feel of your job board, and you have development resources who can help, you may want to explore our custom job board options.  You can build 100% custom layout of our hosted jobs page or utilize our XML feed to populate a custom careers page.

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