Assigning a Hiring Manager

A key step in creating and posting a job within JazzHR is assigning the job a "Hiring Manager." Hiring Managers are granted additional privileges in JazzHR. As such, you'll want to be sure that only the appropriate members of your team receive these additional privileges.  The Hiring Manager should be the team leader or a key decision maker in the hiring process.

How to Assign a Hiring Manager

You can assign the Hiring Manager under the Team tab of the job posting or editing feature.  The Hiring Manager will need to have an active JazzHR account and be in an Administrator or User role.  Note that you can only assign one Hiring Manager per job.


Notifications for Hiring Managers

As the Hiring Manager for a job, this user will receive additional notifications when a candidate completes a questionnaire or when an interview guide is completed.  This allows the Hiring Manager to stay completely in the loop on all candidate activity.

If you notice a purple star next to your job on the Dashboard, this denotes that you are the Hiring Manager on the position.Baker2.gif


Sensitive Data Privileges

Hiring Managers also have access to sensitive data. These privileges are especially important to understand when you are assigning team members that are Users in JazzHR to the role of Hiring Manager. When designating a User as the Hiring Manager, you are giving them access to salary information, internal notes and the ability to add EEO questions to a job application.

Note, though that a User will only be able to see sensitive data for jobs on which they are the Hiring Manager, UNLESS you check the Administrative Privilege override that allows them to see sensitive data for all jobs and candidates they have visibility into.

Additionally, the Hiring Manager has increased visibility into comments on the discussion tab regarding candidates.

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