Assign a Hiring Manager

Hiring Managers play a crucial role in any hiring process. That's why assigning a "Hiring Manager" in JazzHR is such an important part of creating a job.

Users in this role receive additional privileges, so it's important to only assign this role to the appropriate team members. Be sure to select a team leader or key decision maker.

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How to Assign a Hiring Manager

Assign each job in JazzHR a Hiring Manager. Here's how:

  • Click Jobs.
  • Click the job for which you want to assign a Hiring Manager.
  • Click Edit Job.
  • Click the Team tab.
  • Click the drop-down caret next to the name of the preferred team member.
  • Select Make Hiring Manager from the drop-down.

Note that this person will need to have an active and verified JazzHR account. Also please note that you can only assign one Hiring Manager per job. 

2018-06-18_12.53.29.gifNotifications for Hiring Managers

The Hiring Manager on each job will receive a number of different email notifications when different events are completed. The Hiring Manager of the job will always receive an email notification when a candidate in his/her job answers a questionnaire. They will also receive email notifications when a team member on the job completes and Evaluation or Interview Guide about the candidate on the job. 

A purple star next to a job on the Dashboard indicates that you are the Hiring Manager on that position.


Advanced Visibility

Hiring Managers have advanced visibility to candidate profiles in their job. This means that the user you assign to be Hiring Manager will have access to salary information and internal notes. Additionally, the Hiring Manager has increased visibility into comments on the discussion tab regarding candidates, interview feedback completed by others, and evaluations completed by other users on the hiring team. 

Note, though, that if you select a User (rather than an Administrator) as Hiring Manager, he/she will only have advanced visibility for jobs on which they are the Hiring Manager. Please note that there is an account privilege override that will stop Users listed as the Hiring Manager from seeing interview feedback complete by others. 


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