JazzHR Accounts Portal Overview

Manage and access multiple JazzHR accounts quickly and easily with JazzHR's Accounts Portal.

This article will provide an overview of the portal for "parent accounts" and "child accounts".

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Parent Account vs. Child Account

When using the accounts portal in JazzHR, the main account is referred to as the "Parent Account". In order for users to access the portal and access multiple accounts, they must be listed on the Parent Account with Accounts Portal Administrator Access. 

The portal can be used by partners that need to manage multiple client accounts or companies with different branches or brands!

To start utilizing the accounts portal, log into JazzHR with your main email address and password. Click your initials in the upper-right corner of the page and select Accounts Portal. You will land in the Accounts Tab, where you can view all 'child' accounts associated with the parent.


Accounts Page

The Accounts Page lists all of your client accounts with accompanying key information. Use the search option to easily locate the client account(s) you need.


Click on the client name to view account details, including stats, activity, support cases and plan information.


Click Sign In As and select either Me to enter the account as yourself and perform hiring/recruiting activities on behalf of your clients.


Select Other User to enter as an existing user when you need to troubleshoot client-side issues.


To exit the client account and return back to the Accounts Portal, click Back to Portal in the bottom-right of your screen. To return to the Parent Account, click your initials in the upper-right corner of the page and select Back to JazzHR.

Overview Page

The Accounts Portal Overview Page shows a snapshot of the account activity of all open jobs in your client accounts. You'll also find links to resources in case you need assistance.


People Page

The People Page allows you to add and manage user profiles within the Accounts Portal itself. When adding users, be sure to select an Accounts Portal role in order to give users portal access specifically.


When a user is set up in the main Parent/Portal account with Accounts Portal Admin access, they can access the Accounts tab to access the child accounts. The first time a new user clicks to Sign in as Me, a pop-up will show No User Account with the option to Create User. Users should click "Create User" and will then be an active user in the child account. 

* Please note, when a user signs into a child account, they are defaulted to have Super Administrator Access. Please be sure to log into the child account and update the user access if needed!



Can I share candidates across accounts?

Yes. You can add Candidate Sharing to your Accounts Portal account by contacting our team!

How do I know which client account I'm in, and how do I get back to the Accounts Portal?

The client account name displays in the bottom left-hand corner. Click Back to Portal from the same navigation bar to return to the Accounts Portal.


Can someone walk me through the Accounts Portal? 

Yes! We're glad you asked. Check out the following video walkthrough:

Which account should I add my user to if he/she requires Account Portal access?

When granting someone access to the Accounts Portal, add them as an Admin at the portal-level or on the parent account, rather than on one of the child accounts. Doing so will ensure they have access to all child accounts within that portal.

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