JazzHR Accounts Portal Overview

Manage and access multiple JazzHR accounts quickly and easily with JazzHR's Accounts Portal. This article will provide an overview of the portal for both service providers and channel partners.

Welcome Page

The Accounts Portal Welcome page shows a snapshot of account activity and all open jobs in your client accounts. You'll also find links to resources in case you need assistance.

Service providers will see the following:

Channel partners will see the following, which also includes an earnings snapshot:

Accounts Page

The Accounts page lists all of your client accounts with accompanying key information. Use the search and filter options to easily locate the client account(s) you need.

Click on the client name to view account details and the far-right Actions drop-down to view account sign-in options.

Use the Sign in as Me function to enter the account as yourself and perform hiring/recruiting activities on behalf of your clients. Use the Sign in as User function to enter as an existing User when you need to troubleshoot client-side issues.

Setup Page

The Setup page lists all users in your main JazzHR account. Here you can add new users as well as grant specific users access to the Accounts Portal and client activity.

Earnings Page

The Earnings page shows Sales (client account purchases), Earnings (the amount you've earned from the JazzHR Partner Program) and Payouts (monthly payouts based on your earnings). 

* Note: This page is only visible for channel partners.

Other Actions

Besides managing and accessing existing client accounts from the Accounts Portal, you can also provision new client accounts. Click the green Actions button in the top navigation to create new subscriptions, trials or submit referrals.


How do I know which client account I'm in, and how do I get back to the Accounts Portal?

The client account name displays in the bottom left-hand corner. Click Back to Portal from the same navigation bar to return to the Accounts Portal.


Can someone walk me through the Accounts Portal? 

Yes! We're glad you asked. Check out the following video walkthrough:

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