What's Changing in Job Approvals


If you have the current approvals feature turned on:

  1. The Approvals toggle will already be turned on
  2. A stage will already be created
  3. The Super Administrator that last logged in will be added to that stage
  4. All jobs in “Needs to be approved” status are in Drafting


Here is what we recommend that you do:

  1. Go to Settings > Workflows > Job Approval and make sure update the approval workflow with the appropriate users
  2. Once you customize their approval chain, you should then go to your jobs page and review the jobs in “Drafting” and submit the necessary jobs for approval.
  3. Review roles and permissions settings to ensure that the right users have the access to bypass approvals


Approvals Privileges section has been replaced with the "On" toggle in Settings > Workflows > Job Approvals

Want more information? Check out our full article on Job Approvals.

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