How to Use Privilege Overrides

You have a variety of roles to choose from when setting up your users in the system. The base privileges for these roles are discussed in our Roles and Privileges Overview, and you can see a visual comparison in our Roles and Privileges Matrix. Only Super Admins have access to Privilege Overrides and can modify them. These privilege overrides are for your entire account and apply to all people with that user type. If you want to edit Privileges on a per-user basis, you can do that under Settings >> People then click on the user you wish to modify. To find these settings, head over to Settings >> Privileges.



Require jobs to be approved by an Administrator or person granted approval privileges.

This makes it so all jobs need to be approved before being put into an Open status. To grant someone approval privileges, head over to their profile in Settings >> People and check the box under the Administrative Privileges section.

Default new jobs to restrict their visibility to only people with Admin privileges and members of the Hiring Team.

This setting makes sure that only people with jobs assigned to them or Admins can see any jobs in the system. If you have a lot of users or want to make sure no one sees any jobs or candidates they're not working, you'll want to select this option.


Allow Recruiting Administrators to view hidden candidates.

By default, Recruiting Admins cannot see hidden candidates. Only Super Admins can view those candidates marked as "Hidden". If you want your Recruiting Admins to view any candidates you hide, select this option.


This role cannot create jobs or edit jobs (unless the person is the Hiring Manager).

Checking this box will make it so no users other than a hiring manager on a job can create or edit your jobs. This includes all User roles.

This role cannot download, export or email resumes out of the system.

Keeping collaboration in one central place can be tough. If you want to ensure that communication about candidates is happening within JazzHR and no resumes are being sent outside the system, tick this option.

This role cannot edit a candidate's star ranking or status unless the person is the Hiring Manager.

Selecting this override lets Hiring Managers or Admins have complete control over the ranking or workflow status of your candidates. This means that users cannot move candidates through the hiring statuses or assign them a star ranking. They will still have the ability to vote and comment on candidates. 

This role cannot view candidate interviews or other assessments completed by others.

If you're concerned about bias, you can tick this option to make sure users only see their own interview or assessment feedback. 

External Recruiters

This role cannot see jobs that are marked as a "Private Posting."

You may not want external recruiters to view jobs you've marked as confidential. This lets you hide any private postings from your external recruiter user types. 

This role can view all unhidden (not just sourced) candidates on assigned jobs.

Some agency or external recruiters will screen or work with all candidates in your JazzHR account. If you want to open up your account to let them view all candidates on the jobs they are working on, select this option. By default, External Recruiters will only see candidate profiles that they are listed as the recruiter for IF they are on the hiring team for the position. 

This role cannot edit a candidate's star ranking or status unless the person is the Hiring Manager.

If you do not want your external recruiters to be able to rate or move candidates through the hiring workflow, select this option. This allows you to have complete control over what status a candidate is in the hiring process.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there a "voting only" option for users?

Yes, if you do not want your users to be able to move candidates through the steps in the hiring process (workflow stages) then select "This role cannot edit a candidate's star ranking or status unless the person is the Hiring Manager" in your User privilege overrides.

How do I allow Users to see salary information on jobs?

This is now granted on a per-user basis. If you want to grant a specific user the ability to see salary information or sensitive data, simply check this option on their user profile.

How can I hide interview feedback?

Select "This role cannot view candidate interviews or other assessments completed by others." This will hide the interview and assessments that were not completed by the user.

How can I hide one job so it is only visible to the hiring team?

Select the option on a job to "Restrict the visibility of this job to people with Admin privileges and the Hiring Team." This will make it so only Admins and anyone on the hiring team can see this specific role. 

Can I set up email notifications on a per user basis?

Not at this time, but we are considering that as an option for the future.


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