How to Use Knockout Questions

Setting up questions that will automatically disqualify candidates based on a certain set of criteria is easy and takes just a couple minutes. Knockout questions will auto-flag any candidates that have answered your application questions incorrectly, and you can also take it a step further to automatically remove those candidates from your new, active pipeline.

You can use our built-in profile questions, or go ahead and create your own custom questionnaire

Knockout questions have a two-step functionality:

  1. Adding Knockout Questions to the Application to flag candidates who are not qualified.
  2. Taking those Knockout Questions a step further and auto-rejecting the candidates, marking them as Not Hired and sending them a rejection letter.

In this article, we will cover:

Knockout using Candidate Profile Questions

  1. First head over to Application tab on a job. This can be found by:
    • Clicking the job title under Jobs
    • Click Edit Job
    • Click the Application tab
  2. Pick which profile question should become a knockout question by clicking the pencil icon in the banner of "Candidate Profile Questions".
    • Note: There are only certain canned profile questions that allow a "Knockout Question" functionality, specifically because they have a "dropdown answer type":
      • Highest Education Attained

      • Citizen/Employment Status

      • Age 18/or older

      • Work Weekends

      • Work Evenings

      • Work Overtime

      • Willing to Relocate 

      • Valid Driver's License AND Commercial Driver's license

      • Felony Conviction

3. After selecting the questions to be part of your application, click SAVE CHANGES.

4. In the list of canned questions, select the dropdown carrot next to the specific question to "add disqualifying answer(s)" to the question and click the flag icon. (image below)



Knockout using Custom Questionnaires

You can also add knockout questions to your own custom questionnaires. Custom questionnaires are found under Settings>Templates and can be created by Super Admins, Recruiting Admins, and Super Users.

  1. Click Add Question to create a new question on your questionnaire, or select the actions dropdown arrow to Edit Question if you want to add a disqualifying answer to a question you've already created
  2. Click the flag to mark which answer should disqualify the candidate
  3. Click Save Question

Auto-rejecting with Knockout Questions

This feature only pertains to questionnaires sent within the application itself, not a questionnaire sent after a candidate applies.

To add auto-rejection to your knockout questions first, add in a knockout question by following the above set of steps. 

  1. On the job application tab, click Auto-Reject Candidate
  2. Under Auto-reject the candidate to, use the drop-down to select which Not Hired disposition the candidate will be labeled under
  3. If you want this to trigger an email or rejection letter, then an email must be added to the corresponding disposition, on the workflow
    1. If you have added an email to this disposition, you will then select when the email will be sent from the drop-down under send emails directed to candidate
    2. If you have not added any email to this disposition, you will see a notification confirming this with a link to Add an email workflow helper
  4. Click Save to add in auto-rejection

Now candidates who incorrectly answer your knockout questions in your application will be flagged as having been auto-rejected on their candidate profile next to their name and will be automatically labeled as Not Hired, under the disposition you selected above. These auto-rejected candidates will not show up in your new candidates so you can focus on the candidates who are qualified. You can edit or remove this action by clicking the pencil or trash can icon.



How can I tell whether or not a candidate has been auto-rejected?

An auto-rejected candidate will be labeled on their profile as AUTO-REJECTED in red text, to the right of the candidate's name. 

Where can I see if a candidate submitted a disqualifying answer?

Knockout questions are flagged with an icon and highlighted in red if the candidate answered incorrectly. These questions are apart of the job application, on the Candidate Profile in the Profile tab, under the Job Application section.

Why don't I see the option to add Knockout Questions to my questionnaires? 

If your account is on a HERO subscription, this plan does not include extra add-on features including Knockout Questions.

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