How to Use Knockout Questions

Setting up questions that will automatically disqualify candidates based on a certain set of criteria is easy and takes just a couple minutes. Knockout questions will auto-flag any candidates that have answered incorrectly to your disqualifying criteria, and you can also set them up to auto-reject any candidates to remove them out of the running immediately. 

You can use our built-in profile questions, or go ahead and create your own custom questionnaire. We will walk through setting up your knockout questions on the job application, and then on a custom questionnaire. We'll also go through how to tell if a candidate has been auto-rejected and where you can see whether a candidate has been auto-flagged.

How to add knockout questions to profile questions

First head over to Application tab on a job. When you're creating a job, you can click "Save Draft and Continue" to see this page. If you're editing a current job, click "Edit Job" when in the job dashboard. This first set of steps only adds auto-flagging to a candidate. To add auto-reject, follow these steps and then continue on to the next tutorial in this article.

  1. Pick which profile question should become a knockout question by clicking Select Questions
  2. Check the box on the left to add the question, check the box on the right to make it required
  3. Click Save Changes to add the questions to the application
  4. Next, we'll want to choose which questions should be knockout questions
  5. Click the actions dropdown to the right of the question title
  6. Select Add Disqualifying Answer from the dropdown
  7. Click the flag to designate which answer should disqualify a candidate (we'll set up auto-rejection later), this will only flag a candidate
  8. Click Save Changes to continue
  9. Rinse and repeat to add as many profile questions as you want 


How to add knockout questions to custom questionnaires

You can also add knockout questions to your own custom questionnaires. Custom questionnaires are found under Settings>Templates and can be created by Super Admins, Recruiting Admins, and Super Users.

  1. Click Add Question to create a new question on your questionnaire, or select the actions dropdown arrow to Edit Question if you want to add a disqualifying answer to a question you've already created
  2. Click the flag to mark which answer should disqualify the candidate
  3. Click Save Question

How to add auto-rejection to your knockout questions

Please note: This only pertains to questionnaires sent within the application itself, not a questionnaire sent after a candidate applies

To add auto-rejection to your knockout questions first, add in a knockout question by following the above set of steps. 

  1. Click Actions on the red banner notifying you of the number of knockout questions on your application
  2. Click Auto-reject Candidate
  3. Select which disposition they will be auto-rejected to from the drop-down arrow
  4. Trigger any emails associated with this Not Hired disposition with a delay, or choose to not send any emails by selecting Never from the dropdown
  5. Click Save Action to add in auto-rejection!

Now candidates who incorrectly answer your knockout question will be flagged as having been auto-rejected on their candidate profile and will be automatically dispositioned based on your selection. They will not show up in your new candidates and will go straight into a Not Hired disposition. You can edit or remove this action by clicking the pencil or trash can.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell whether or not a candidate has been auto-rejected?

Candidates that are auto-rejected are flagged next to their name on the candidate profile. You can see a tag that says AUTO-REJECTED. 

Where can I see if a candidate submitted a disqualifying answer?

On the candidate profile in the Profile tab, there is a Job Application section where you can view all the answers to a candidate's profile questions. Knockout questions are flagged and highlighted in red if the candidate answered incorrectly.

Why don't I see the option to add knockout questions to my questionnaires? 

If your account is on a HERO subscription, this plan does not include extra add-on features including knockout questions.

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