Cobranding within JazzHR

Cobranding within your JazzHR account can be very valuable if you're posting jobs on behalf of several different companies or several different brands.  This article will outline the best practices for cobranding within JazzHR.

Successfully cobranding your jobs starts with creating the job requisitions in JazzHR.  You can enter the specific brand within the Department or Business Unit section of the job posting.  This will indicate to candidates which child company they are applying for and will allow your team to organize and search jobs by child company.  Additionally, you'll want to add some company details in the job description to clarify the relationship between the parent company and the child company.

You'll also want to cobrand your career page. To begin cobranding your JazzHR Hosted Page, you'll want to head over to Settings > Career Page > Edit the Responsive Layout.  


Within the responsive layout, we recommend implementing a few key cobranded assets.  In the Career Page Logo section, upload an image file that contains logos of all brands for which you'll be posting jobs. The Career Page Messaging section will give you the opportunity to introduce each of the brands included on your page.

Back on the Career Page landing page, you'll also be able to sort your career page alphabetically by department.  This way, if you've been indicating the child company within the Department field, your job postings will be grouped by company and easy for candidates to review.

Using the Advanced Jobs Widget on your company's careers page will make it easy for candidates to search for jobs by child company (or other key information).

JazzHR also offers some options for building a custom cobranded careers page if you have development resource you'd like to dedicate to this project. Your team can use JazzHR's XML feed or API to organize and display jobs in a custom fashion to suit your cobranding goals.


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