Cobranding with JazzHR

Presenting a consistent employer brand is key to attracting quality applicants.

This is especially important for companies posting jobs on behalf of multiple brands. For these organizations, JazzHR's cobranding capabilities are essential.

To cobrand in JazzHR:

Post a Job

Successfully cobranding your JazzHR account starts at the Job level. During the job-posting process, enter the specific brand name within the "Department or Business Unit" field of the 


Once your job is posted, this will appear on the hosted application page so candidates know which child company they're applying for - and allow you to stay more organized when searching for Jobs in your account.


Note that you should also include details in the job description that clarify the relationship between the parent and child companies.

Edit Your Career Page

After cobranding at the Job level, navigate to your JazzHR Hosted Careers Page through Settings > Career Page > Edit This Layout.


To cobrand your career page, we recommend making the following changes to the following sections within the Responsive Layout:

  • Career Page Logo - Upload an image file that contains logos of all brands for which you'll be posting jobs.
  • Career Page Messaging - Introduce each of the brands included on your career page.

Once you've added these elements, head back to Settings > Career Page, and scroll down to the  Career Page and Jobs Widget Configuration section.

Select "Alphabetically by Department" from the drop-down. This will group your career page by the child company names that you entered into the Department field at the Job level.


For a more customizable option, consider embedding the Advanced Jobs Widget on your website, which allows you to filter by Department. This will allow candidates to search for jobs by child company.

For an even more advanced option, consider the building a custom cobranded careers page using JazzHR's XML feed or API.

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