Apply with LinkedIn 2.0

Want to make it easier for your candidates to apply to your open positions? Using Apply with LinkedIn 2.0 allows you to do just that! 

JazzHR now integrates with the most recent version of Apply with LinkedIn (AWLI) 2.0. AWLI 2.0 allows applicants to click a button on any JazzHR hosted careers page, sign into their LinkedIn profile, and pre-populate job application fields with their LinkedIn Profile information.


How do I connect my JazzHR account to Recruiter Systems Connect?

Before connecting make sure you have administrator access in both JazzHR and LinkedIn to connect integration. 

In JazzHR

1. Go to Settings
2. Click Integrations
3. Scroll down to LinkedIn and click Connect
4. A modal will pop up prompting you to enable Company-Level access and Contract-Level access
5. Request Company-Level and Contract-Level access
    *note: After requesting, you may need to click the "Notify Partner" button, which would have replaced the "Request" button.
6. To completely enable your integration, login to your LinkedIn Recruiter account and follow the steps below.

In LinkedIn Recruiter

1. Sign-in to your LinkedIn Recruiter Account
2. Click Admin>Settings>ATS
3. Find the JazzHR icon
4. Click Enable

This will connect your LinkedIn Recruiter Account account to JazzHR. Next, make sure you set up your personal recruiter seat in JazzHR! How do I set up my personal recruiter seat in JazzHR?


Questions regarding the new integration:

Q: How does this differ from Apply with LinkedIn 1.0?

A.  AWLI 1.0 allows candidates to click a button on any JazzHR hosted form, sign into their LinkedIn profile, and pre-populate job application fields with their LinkedIn Profile information.

With 2.0:

Apply Starters: If an applicant clicks on the AWLI button and does not complete the application, they will be tracked as an “Apply Starter”. Customers can see all Apply Starters in their LinkedIn accounts and start to reach out via InMail.

Better Analytics: There are tracking pixels on each page in the application process. This will allow our customers to track how candidates progress through the application process and more importantly, where they drop out. This is only avialble in LinkedIn NOT JazzHR.

Q: How do I enable AWLI 2.0?

A: Click SETTINGS > INTEGRATIONS > "LinkedIn 2.0" block. Clicking “Connect” will allow you to sign into your LinkedIn Account and enable AWLI 2.0.

Q: What happens to my current Apply with LinkedIn setup?

A: As you enable AWLI 2.0, your AWLI 1.0 will be disabled. 


IMPORTANT: You must be a customer of at least one of the following LinkedIn products:

  • LinkedIn Recruiter
  • Recruiter Professional Services
  • LinkedIn Job Slots


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